Wpisał Bobuszka, data Luty 17th, 2009

After a quiet night in Cheviot it was on through Greta Valley, more hills and spectacular scenery plus a visit to Glenmark station at the southern terminus of the Weka Pass Railway. Friday night in Amberley with a few beers (see photograph of Ola with half-a-dozen empty stubbies). Then to local pub which confounded everything I said above. It was so rowdy WE had to retire by 9 pm. Next day we entered Christchurch for more big city night life. Traffic on the main highway was again terrible but we fortunately managed to find some quiet back roads. Part of the way we were accompanied by a Polish cyclist from America so Ola could again practice her native tongue.

First day of Feb was a nice hot and sunny rest day sightseeing in Christchurch. A good time here was slightly marred when someone stole our food from the fridge in the campsite. I can only hope the milk turned sour and the pate went bad.

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