WELLINGTON (23-25/01/09)

Wpisał Bobuszka, data Luty 4th, 2009

Friday and Saturday night in Wellington is just like St Mary Street in Cardiff – very very noisy with lots of drunken yobs and laddettes in skimpy dresses shouting and shrieking around the place. Fortunately we found a quiet pub – the Welsh Dragon Bar – complete with Brains beer!

Plenty to see in the capital particularly the rather splendid Te Papa museum with a whole section devoted to Scots in NZ. Also lots of Maori stuff. Other sites included the Cuban part of town and the cable car to the Botanic Gardens with great views of the city and cricket ground.
Plus the waterfront with lots of trendy bars and restaurants and sculptures.

Even our backpacker hostel attempted to look trendy

A visit to Wellie would not be complete without a visit to the railway station and platform 9 & 3/4.

Memories of Wellington were slightly soured after an altercation with a jobsworth at the New Zealand Parliament building when for our security reasons we attempted to park our bikes near the entrance.
That’s it for the North Island for the moment. Next blog will be after ferry crossing across Cook Strait to Picton on South Island.

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