OPOTIKI – GISBORNE (17-19/01/09)

Wpisał Bobuszka, data Luty 1st, 2009

Rather than spend several days cycling round East Cape (easternmost point in NZ and therefore first to see the sunrise), we opted for the shorter route via the Waioeka Gorge to Gisborne (easternmost city in NZ and claimed to be the first city in the world to see the sun each day)

We had been advised that cycling through Gorge had wonderful views but was rather lumpy and hot, hot, hot.

So hot that we run out of water. Resorted to standing by the roadside with upturned waterbottle. It worked. Almost the first car to pass turned round and came back and the very kind Maori lady gave us a full 1,5 litre bottle of cool lemonade. This was enough to inspire us 725 metres up the Gorge to Traffords Hill summit.

Then to Matawai for black beers and the meal in the pub

After Matawai it was downhill  most of the way to Gisborne where Captain Cook first set foot on NZ.

As in all the NZ campsites so far, Gisborne was excellent with full laundry facilities for washing and drying clothes, great hot showers and fully equipped kitchen with microwave and toasters (very useful for toasting bread several days old). Unfortunately these good impressions were a little soured at Gisborne where it costs NZ$2 to charge a mobile. NZ$2 for the equivalent of a farthing’s worth of electricity. Pffffs!!

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